Friday, June 29, 2012

A day in my life.

Yesterday was quite a day!  Here's a bit of what it looked like.  It seems that most days in my life look like this and are this crazy. 

6:30 am:  up and tidy a bit
7:45 am:  take girls to pre-school, go to work
8 am - 3 pm:  work in office
3:30 pm:  pick girls up from pre-school, take directly to ballet.
5:00 pm:  pick girls up from ballet, go directly to carmiel (30 min drive away) to see professional ballet put on by the Israeli Ballet Society- Cinderella. 
6 pm - 8 pm:  at theater with girls
8 pm - 9 pm:  realize we need to eat dinner- stop at an italian restaurant
10 pm - 11 pm:  home, give girls their baths, and put to bed
11 pm:  finally some peace at home, realize I have a sink full of dishes that need to be done, no plan for meals tomorrow, girls lunches left to pack, loads and loads of laundry that need to be done, folded, and put away.  But what I do instead, collapse into bed and go to sleep.

The Good: 
Eating was fairly healthy; did not snack randomly on junk.  Stuck to my basic meal plan:

Breakfast:  coffee with skim milk, energy bar
Snack:  labane (5%)- type of middle eastern goat's cheese, with pretzels for dipping, about 20 peanuts
Lunch:  Mana'esh with labane
Dinner:  1 slice of pizza, large plate of fatoosh salad

The Bad: 
Again, no exercise today.  Also, ate out again!  No variety- I seemed to have pizza for lunch and for dinner.

What needs to be done:
1.  Better meal planning
2.  Prepare dinner from night before
3.  Schedule time for exercise
4.  More fruits and vegetables into meals; more protein into meals- less carbs.

When do you prepare meals when your so busy?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eating Day 1

So for accountability I'm going to post everything I eat and drink- at least for the first couple of weeks.  I hope this will help me stay on track.

Breakfast:  ice coffee made with skim (1%) milk; energy bar
Snack:  small container of lowfat yogurt, cucumber
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich (whole wheat roll), with mustard; cherries.
Snack:  coffee with 1% milk.
Dinner:  small bowl of freakeh with greek yogurt, 1 slice of pizza with corn
Snack:  watermelon

Water consumption:  probably around 7 cups- need to improve this.
Exercise:  none

For the past few days, I have noticed that my feet (mostly my ankles) are swollen and they are very sore.  The pain goes up my shins a bit and its more line deep bone pain.    I haven't fallen or done anything that I know to hurt them.  I need to get this checked out. 

Overall, besides the no exercise, today was good.  Here's to better days! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The truth is....

It's been over six months since my last post.  My last post in which I wrote out my goals for the new year- one of those goals was to blog more often.  Boy did I fail at that!  The truth is, yes I have been busy with work, school, the girls, life, but that is not really the reason I have not been blogging.  The real reason is that for the last several months, I have been eating way too much, exercising way too little, and not really living life the way I want to.  I have no energy, and feel like all the days just sort of blend together, and am letting life pass day by day without really living it.  I dont want my girls to grow up with a mom who has no energy to keep up with them and cant play and run with them.

I know all of this is directly tied to my weight.  Over the past few months, I know that I have gained back a significant amount of weight that I lost last summer.  None of my clothes fit, I feel terrible about my body and self- image, and am always tired.  It takes everything in me to just get through the day.  Even my productivity at work has gone down.  In a way, I feel like I am living a lie- I am a public health professional.  I spend my days educating others how to live healthier lives, and I am not even doing it!  I teach others about the importance of nutrition, yet keeping eating processed junk, not drinking enough water, eating out too often, etc.  I lecture about the importance of exercise- yet am barely getting in 1 workout a week.  I educate about the importance of early screening for breast cancer, yet I keep putting off the mammogram that I need to get (my mother had breast cancer twice so I know I am at a higher risk). 

Every day I start off the morning saying today is the day I am going to change and go back to the healthy lifestyle that I once had.  But then I end up losing motivation and control, and end up eating junk, sweets, etc.  I know one of the reasons for this is lack of planning and that I am so hungry by the time I get home, I just eat whatever comes in front of me- which is often chips, cookies, etc.  Yesterday when I was out of breath going up just 3 flights of stairs and could feel my heart beating like I had run a marathon or something, I realized I cant keep going on like this.  I MUST CHANGE NOW.  

At that moment, I called my cousin and asked her to walk with me.  We walked for an hour and even though I could tell that I had lost most of my endurance and my feet hurt and I was exhausted when I was done, it felt wonderful when I was finished. 

I need accountability.  I need help and support.  But I dont feel like my friends and some family members really understand what I am going through.  They think it is so easy to stay at a healthy weight- because they are all thin.  But for me its a struggle.  Its the hardest thing that I have ever done.... the one thing in my life that I can not control.  

So this is the truth:
I am overweight.  I need to lose 75 pounds to get back to my healthy weight.  

I am going to blog for accountability so this blog is going to change a bit from sharing recipes, etc to more of a weight loss blog.  

I already feel better for sharing this.